Internet Marketing for Beginners

Internet marketing for beginners! Here we go! Want the fundamentals? Don’t know where to start? Well I'm going to share my experience. At least read the quick and easy to read bullet points.

So here are the bullet points. They are my favourite because they are the least boring!

The Important Points for an Internet Marketing Beginner!

  • This is Get Rich Quick Scheme, BUT NOT Get Rich Easy scheme – always remember that
  • In the beginning, DO NOT worry about electronic/internet/digital product creation at all
  • This. Is. How. You. Do. It:  Keyword Research > Traffic > Conversion > Product
  • FOCUS on Market and Keyword Research – this is system Internet Marketing Starship Critical!!!
  • The other skills you need can be easily outsourced/learnt
  • Find DEMAND before you think about SUPPLY
  • Take more ACTION than reading/learning
  • Start with Affiliate Programs that Pay  – this is the first step, not the end goal
  • Have fun – cause if you aren’t you will stop doing this whole Online Marketing deal!
  • Try to figure out the easiest way for your to make your 1st dollar
  • After your 1st dollar, replicate that until you are ready to move up/forward
  • Product is last! So do not worry about that right now! Do not worry about how to write a sales page! That’s last!
  • Above all create a Goal that has a deadline, an amount of money desired & the things you will trade for that result
  • Then to get anywhere, take small consistent steps toward this goal
  • PROFIT!!!!

Now let’s go on with a bit more detail for you. So you don’t think I'm just a crazy bullet point man.

Internet Marketing for Beginners is NOT about Product Creation

In the beginning do not worry about product creation. That is a more advanced step, but is where you obviously want to end up. So in light of that, start on Affiliate Marketing! Get your basic skills going first before you go onto the advanced stuff. Focus on market research, where to find demand, how to generate traffic, basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO), simple advertisements, affiliate promotion and then product creation if you choose.

By affiliate marketing I simply mean, sell other peoples products and take a commission. Be an affiliate. It’s obviously much easier and faster to trial this, and therefore you will learn a whole lot more. It takes a lot of time to create a GOOD product, so instead of wasting your time on product creation skills at the start, it’s better to focus on your Internet Marketing basics. If you want to make money with affiliate marketing I have a page just for it and it is primed for an online marketing noob just like you! (Disclaimer: I do not really know you :P)

You Just Got to Have Goals! :)

I mentioned goals. You simply must put a definitive/objective value on your goal. Give it a dollar value of how much you want to achieve.  My affiliate income page talks about what sort of money you could expect to make. If you give that a read you can have a better idea of what to set your goal at. Remember also to set a deadline! These features will drive you to achieve! It all comes down to you!

Internet Marketing for beginners should all be about learning and applying Market Research or Keyword Research, as this will be one of the only steps you do not outsource. After mastering keyword research, then you can learn about non crucial things like:

  • Buying a Domain and Hosting Website creation with WordPress
  • Article Content Creation
  • How to make Banners, Logos, Header, Favicons etc
  • How to Display Ads
  • Basic SEO Skills
  • Basic Traffic Generation Methods
  • Social Media Marketing and all that
  • ….
  • PROFIT!!! (just joking this time :P)

Better yet, learn how to outsource all these things listed above. It’s up to you and your budget though and how much time you have. Learn how to effectively use Odesk and Elance to get your work done! Do note there is a learning curve to outsourcing anything, you have to learn how to use these sites, how to make ads, how to hire, fire and pay contractors etc.

After you make your first dollar doing some process, stick to it for a while. Get good at that, maybe master it, then move on to a new or more advanced technique. There’s nothing worse than trying to jump ahead, then epic failing, and then crying that it is all a scam sham. Remember this is not get ‘Rich Easy’ scheme, it’s ‘get rich hard’ scheme for sure, and ‘get rich quick’ if you work hard enough.

I haven’t even had a chance to talk about Traffic Generation in relation to Internet Marketing for beginners! There’s a lot to say. Just remember if you ever want more information please comment on my posts or email me (Link). I am a friendly guy and want to help out. There is more than enough money to go around for everyone. With traffic, I'll post some stuff up at a later stage. So be sure to check back, or if you simply email me I'll tell you!

Since I am concluding, it is a good time to reiterate the point that product creation is the last step. You have all these things above to figure out before you start trying to create products. Thus, internet marketing for beginners is NOT about trying to create a product straight up. Think about demand first! Who wants what? Not who wants the stuff I have.

That’s all for now. Want to know more simply contact me. All the best and good luck!

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- Bane (Internet Marketing for Beginners Guardian Angel :D)

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